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Pickleball Programs

Welcome to the hub of Willy’s pickleball programming at our club! Dive into the heart of the action and explore the latest and greatest offerings tailored for pickleball enthusiasts of all ages. Join us on the court, where passion meets progress, and be part of a community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of pickleball excellence.


Our Programs

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Open play for doubles! Partner not required. Join us for doublesplay in a fun and social atmosphere, perfect for players of all levels. Simply come ready toplay! Sessions are divided by levels; check the schedule for details. NOT a coached program. Open Play is all about playing with friends, old & new, at your level and enjoying the game.



Join us for Round Robin sessions! Players engage in two hours of play facilitated by a Willy’s Ambassador, with breaks as needed. A great chance to play competitive pickleball at your level; scores from the round robin can be submitted to DUPR. An even number of players is prioritized for balanced gameplay.



Play is dynamic! An engaging format where players are ranked based on their skill; initially ascending the courts from lowest to highest-ranked. Winners advance up the ladder, while losers move down. Competitive yet enjoyable gameplay for all involved. It's a fun and interactive way to challenge yourself and connect with fellow players.


Pro Coached Programs

Programs You Will Enjoy


Dive into the world of ickleball with Willy's begginer-friendly program designed for those with little to no experience. Learn the fundamentals of the game, including rules, scoring, hitting techniques, positioning, and basic strategy. True beginners are encouraged to sign up for multiple 101 clinics to master beginner skill play.


Weekly training sessions designed to enhance your skills and performance. Competitive drills in small groups maximize personalized coaching and feedback to refine your techniques. Each session concludes with a pro critique of point play. Open to graduates of both Pickleball 101 & 201.


Gather 2 of your friends and book a session with one of our professional pickleball coaches. In this private session, the Pro not only coaches you, bu also plays alongside you! Providing a unique experience, personal guidance, and feedback. Each player pays $40 for the 90-minute clinic.


Take your skills to the next level with our round-robin style program. Designed for players who have complted Pickleball 101 and are eager to advance. Join us for a dynamic learining experience with other advanced beginner players; work on gameplay strategies, on-court positioning, and more. Let's elevate your game together!


A 60-minute class that creates a fun and dynamic workout from start to finish. Beginning with a warmer-up, followed by high-intensity, fast-paced hitting and reps and a variety of cardio-based pickleball games. If you're looking for a workout with upbeat music, point play, and group motivation, this is the class for you!


As the fastest-growing sport in the United Staes, juniors are the futre, and we're here to help them reach new heights. our clinic is designed to meet your child where they anre and take them higher regardless of skill level. With dedicated coaching and guidance every step of the way your child will thrive on the court.



Join us once a week for a special opportunity for parents to bond with their young chilren or grandparents to connect with their grandchildren through the joy of Pickelball. This two-hour session is open for family members to join in the fun. Kids play for free. It's a perfect way for families to spend quality time together on the court!


Kick off the weekend with some enjoyable Picklebal action! Join us for Friday After 5, a social Pickleball event open to players aof all skill levels, provided they are proficeint in playing and scoring. From 5pm to 9pm, all skill levels are welcome to play Pickleball on player level designated courts. Bring your friends and enjoy the fun, with a cash bar available!


Join us for an exhilarating League Play experience! Over six weeks, dive into round-robin sessions organized by Willy's Ambassadors. Teams of four comprising two advance and two advanced beginners players will face off against each other. Cap it all off with a celebratory social event where top-performing teams receive coveted medals!


 Train with the stars! Only at Willy's do we bring you the best of the best, traveling pros who will elevae your game to new heights. Join us for any of our two-day seminars; including Q & A luncheon with your favorite pros. Ask our member services team for upcoming traveling pickleball pros & seminar dates.


Join us for a two-hour women's event, where players of all levels unite for recreational play and camaraderie. From 2pm to 4pm, enjoy a lively session on the court, followed by complimentary pizza and a cash bar in the Player's Lounge from 4pm onwards. Come join us and play with both new and old friends!

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