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Thank You for Making Frozen Frenzy Pickleball Tournament a Success!

A heartfelt thank you to all the participants who joined us for the Frozen Frenzy Pickleball Tournament on February 25, 2024. Your enthusiasm, skill, and competitive spirit made the event truly unforgettable.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who competed and to those who came to cheer on the players. Your presence added to the electric atmosphere, creating a memorable experience for all involved.


A special congratulations to the winners in each division. Your dedication and talent were evident throughout the tournament, and your victories are well-deserved.

3.0-3.5 Division

GOLD - Rick Knight and Pete Garvey

SILVER - Ron Friend and Tricia Gilligan

BRONZE - Cheryl Phillips and Joe Cancelarich

3.6-4.0+ Division
GOLD - Omar Vegas and Dillion Oteri
SILVER - Troy Moore and Sam McGough
BRONZE - Katie Nussdorfer and Matt Pulsifer

Once again, thank you for your unwavering support of our pickleball community. Your passion for the sport drives us forward, and we are grateful for the opportunity to come together and celebrate this wonderful game. 


We can't wait to see you all again at future events, continuing to grow and strengthen our pickleball community together.

Frosty Paddles Mini Tournament
December 10, 2023

Thank You for Making the First Annual Frosty Paddles Mini Tournament a Success!


The tournament featured two exciting divisions, Intermediate and Advanced, each with 12 teams that brought their A-game to the competition. From thrilling matches to impressive displays of skill, the Frosty Paddles Mini Tournament showcased the incredible talent and spirit of our community.

We know the competition in both divisions was sometimes fierce, but what stood out the most was the undeniable fun that radiated throughout the event. Your positive energy and dedication to the sport made this tournament a joy to organize and host.

Congratulations to the winners of both divisions!


Intermediate Division

Gold medal winners:  Stephan Ackerman and Erik Dasque

Silver medal winners:  Patty Regan and Pamela Regan

Bronze medal winners: Carolyn Bergh and Sara Grizzle

Advanced Division

Gold medal winners:  Dana Masterpolo and Daniel Nussdorfer

Silver medal winners:  Katie Nussdorfer and Matthew Pulsifer

Bronze medal winners:  James McKinney and Thomas Bryant

Congratulations to the winners

See the winners of the Minor League Pickleball Tournament on July 22-23, 2023 at Willy's Pickleball on Cape Cod.  All of you who participated in the event, players and volunteers, made the tournament a success! 

Division 18

Gold Medal Winners: Southcoast Picklers

Cathy Silva, Dena Xifaras, Nathan Bates, and Gregory Perkins

Silver Medal Winners: BERKSHIRE RALLY

Megan Babich, Tyler Besse, Matthew Morgan, and Ashley Morrison.

Bronze Medal Winners: Top Spun

Matt Pulsifer, Karen Champagne, Dan Nussdorfer, and Taryn Zuccala


Division 16

Gold Medal Winners: Galley Kitchen

David Kessler, Amy Kessler, Cheryl Mullen, and Silvio Da Matta.

Silver Medal Winners: Born To Rally

Micki Bowman, Georgette King, Jim Innocent, and Jim Van Ness

Bronze Medal Winners: Big Dill Energy

Robin Gibbs, Daniel Marandola, Dana Masterpolo, and Patrick O'Hern

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Willy's Minor League Pickleball July 22-23 Tournament Final Scores

Division 16

Div16 Matches.jpg

Division 18

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